GQ about Mike Amiri and Wes Lang collab

GQ caught up with designer Mike Amiri and artist Wes Lang to talk about their “hardcore art-meets-fashion collab”:

“Even in our collab-drenched moment, and despite their friendship, the partnership is surprising if only because Lang has generally made himself scarce in our age of self-promotion. “I’m very guarded with what I do,” he said. “I haven’t done much in the way of releasing collaborative things in the last…quite a while… other than with Kanye. That was a no-brainer. But [Amiri and I] were on the phone one day about this, and I could tell from the way he was talking, that he was going to really take this incredibly seriously. I wanted to see my artwork translated into fashion on a level beyond just screen-printing it onto some shit, and Mike was able to take it and weave it and bring a life to it that no one else has remotely given me a chance to do.” – Wes Lang

Words by Max Berlinger
Photo by ICON

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