A Darker Rose | Artist Talk with Rose Eken | November 11

A Darker Rose | Artist Talk with Rose Eken
November 11, 4-5PM

An artist talk with Rose Eken in- and about her current solo exhibition And the Forests Dream Eternally, how the exhibition ushers in a new direction for the artist, away from faithful representation and into the realm of stylized symbolism, and her loving homage to black metal and its infamous aesthetics.

“If in doubt, go fucking darker, right?” – Rose Eken

A sublime darkness has fallen upon Rose Eken’s habitually bright and playful visual universe; step through the looking glass and emerge in a parallel world of sensual beauty and abyssal horror. The artist’s fifth solo exhibition with V1 Gallery / Eighteen transforms the white cube of Eighteen into an occult forest – here amid the gloomy silhouettes of naked tree trunks, we stumble upon a strange clearing, in which a seemingly surreal tableau unfolds…

The talk is moderated by Assistant Director Astrid Wang.

Entrance is free. Everyone is welcome.

Cold drinks provided by Tuborg and Høtoft.

For further information, contact mail@eighteen.gallery.