Barry McGee feature in Juxtapoz Magazine

“From intricate patterns, over impulsive spraypaint marks, diligently rendered characters, and/or the other surprising combination of other elements inspired by American folk art, sign making, Op Art, and/or graffiti, the works tend to sprout and grow into any given direction. Often overcoming existing imperfections and interruptions in their path both the individual segments, and the completed works tend to act in a similar manner when exhibited together in a group…. And indeed, the install images we just received from Copenhagen are showing how the team turned the otherwise plain white cube venue into another explosion of patterns, marks, forms, and objects. With paintings, ceramics, drawings, books, plants, photography, sculptures, and found objects forming pillars, totems, and allegories for contemporary rituals, TAR PIT is the exhibition that captures the spirit of Spring 2021. Or at least the untamed version of it.”

TAR PIT continues at Eighteen through July 8.

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Words by Sasha Bogojev
All works by Barry McGee
Photos by Jan Søndergaard