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GQ Story: Danny Fox’s Star Continues to Rise

"Fox’s canvases use a vibrant array of colors that are tempered, or appear worn down, evoking the shadowy natures of their subjects. A skillful tightrope walker, Fox operates as both observer and participant: on a cellular level, the canvases convey that the artist is deeply intimate with the kind of life, always lived outside the ordinary, that he depicts. At the same time, the structures of Fox’s compositions indicate an understanding of the painters and paintings that have come before him. The resulting work exudes a visceral synergy. "I think Danny’s work speaks intuitively to many of us because it's firmly rooted in the long lineage of painting,” says Jesper Elg, director of Copenhagen's V1 & Eighteen galleries. “When he paints a horse, I feel instantly connected to painting as a language, going back to the paintings in the Chauvet caves 30,000 years ago. He invests in, and engages this painterly language, bringing it into the realm of the contemporary.”


Words: Arty Nelson
Photos: Kingsley Ifill