Devin Troy Strother Performance

a painting in 3 acts
Performance by Devin Troy Strother
Friday November 27

At the opening Friday, you can experience the one-off live performance a painting in 3 acts by Devin Troy Strother at Eighteen ongoing from 6.30-7.30pm.

Due to Covid, capacity is limited to 22 at a time.

“The performance is me trying to break away from the two-dimensional immortalization that happens with portraiture. Literally putting my actual body into the work also works as a different type of sculpture; a more visceral and chaotic presentation, that also relates to pop art and the embracement of the mistake. A mistake of making pop art when trying to make straight paintings, something that I haven’t fully arrived at yet, but my off-course journey has led me on a far more interesting path to the heart of a painting practice that is truly performative, whether that be performance through paint, or paint being applied to cut pieces of paper and other objects and then set on top of a canvas.” – Devin Troy Strother

I’m just a painter
all i have is paint
and maybe a lil bit of hope
Solo exhibition by Devin Troy Strother
November 27, 2020 – January 9, 2021
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Photo: Jesse Lirola