HuskMitNavn about his painting “Lunch in the Park” (2020)

“One of the paintings in the exhibition is called Lunch in the Park, and it pictures a kindergarten eating lunch in a park. Specifically a Danish park called Dyrehaven, but you only know that if you are from Denmark. But it could be any park, anywhere, with a tiny castle in the middle of it. I painted it because I was thinking about the very few images, or works of art, that many people know, and it’s perhaps one painting by Andy Warhol, one by Picasso, and then there’s this photo that many people know because it’s hanging in pizza bars and sad restaurants everywhere in the world, and it’s this picture of workers eating lunch at the top of a skyscraper. When I found that on the internet, I was just thinking, another situation could be someone else eating lunch. There is also many different versions of it; versions where it’s like Hollywood stars or strippers. And I thought, I might as well… And it’s really cheap. You can buy if for like 5 dollars the poster. It’s a really cheap artwork. It could be fun to make like a real painting of this situation. And then I thought about one of my kids used to go to kindergarten, and they went there and they ate lunch there once in a while. So that’s why I painted it.” – HuskMitMavn

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Concept and interview: Amanda Færk
Video: Theis Mortensen
Edit: Mark Balstrup