HuskMitNavn in POV International

“In this time of crisis, art is a friend in isolation and a good sparring partner as the thoughts of our shared future and values accumulate,” Karen Bro writes in POV International, “that is why it is so sad that our politicians ignore it instead of taking the opportunity to speak it up… HuskMitNavn still has the same eminent and razor-sharp ability to hit us in our everyday solar plexus with equally care and humor. All the works were created before the corona virus hit us, but in a wonderful way they speak very accurately in these times. One example is the work Date In The Sky, where a young couple has created their own interim restaurant on a scaffold high above the city with checkered tablecloths and champagne…” – Karen Bro

The review was published in POV International on May 15, 2020. Read more

HuskMitNavn’s solo exhibition Signs of Life continues at Eighteen through July 9.

Pictured: HuskMitNavn, Date In The Sky, 2020