Studio time with HuskMitNavn at Juxtapoz Magazine

As a prelude to the opening of “Signs of Live”, opening at Eighteen May 12-16, HuskMitNavn (DK) did a studio visit with Juxtapoz Magazine’s Sasha Bogojev:

After weeks of conversations with artists through our Art in Uncertain Times series, it is almost surreal to hear the words suggesting some sort of a light at the end of the tunnel. But it took time for Huskmitnavn and his country to get there.

“Life has been a mess since mid-March,” he tells us without trying to sugarcoat the situation. “Drawing is the only thing that still feels normal to me. Copenhagen is empty and silent. No tourists, no airplanes in the sky. Only a few people going back and forth to work. When they are not at work they go for walks. It seems like the only outdoor thing to do right now.”