Louise Alenius performances at SMK National Gallery of Denmark September 1 – October 27, 2019

V1 Gallery / Eighteen are pleased to announce

September 1 – October 27, 2019
SMK National Gallery of Denmark
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September 1, 2-5pm
September 15, 2-5pm
September 27, 4-7pm
October 27, 2-5pm

Performances by Louise Alenius at SMK in collaboration with CHART Art Fair realised with support from Augustinus Fonden.

Louise Alenius invites you into a 3.5 tons carved wood miniature concert hall shaped like her own head. The work is a tribute to ideas, music, trust and the potential of failure. A protected vessel made to be experienced by one person at a time; it is only when you have crawled into the heart of Tête that you can experience it undisturbed — and that is what Louise desires from her audience:

“I’ve created the head as a kind of protective space for ideas, both my own ideas and the ideas of others. The idea for Tête arose in connection with my prerecorded Etudes that are playing… The music requires a special and particular space and the idea behind Tête came to life. The head is a shell. It’s flexible, and can be opened, moved, and altered in ways that allow both the expression and sound to change. I want to make use of this flexibility and work with other artists and ideas, and in that way create a vibrant space for ‘unadapted ideas with special needs.’”

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For more information, contact:
Amanda Færk, Assistant Director